From a proper accounting record, it can tell a company’s financial health and business operation for making a better business decision and tax planning. Hence, the accounting record is not merely for recording purpose, it also provides a valuable historical information on company’s growth prospects. Compliance with accounting rules and regulations are equally important, it leads to a true and fair financial report to be submitted to authorities.

Bookkeeping and documents filing play a relatively important role as it makes your daily business records into a reliable accounting record. Bookkeeping involves countless time with technical knowledge and advice which may increase company operating cost where it can be utilized in other significant areas of business operation. A fit documents filing will ensure documents are kept and stored correctly and accordingly, and any document can be retrieved effortlessly when it is needed. Thus, the demand for bookkeeping services Singapore is continuously increasing. Outsourcing is now one of the solutions to manage the business efficiently and effectively. Leave the technical parts to the profession.

Looking for reliable accounting services Singapore?

We are one of the accounting companies in Singapore who provides accounting services for small business Singapore and Malaysia. We will extend our help if you wish to expand your business to the neighbouring country.

Our services include but not limited to the following:

Record daily business transactions based on the documents and information provided, to derive the business management reports, i.e.

i. Management account – Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, and Trial Balance
ii. Detailed listing – General ledger, the listing of trade receivables and payables
iii. Other schedules – Fixed assets schedule, GST report (for GST registered company), bank reconciliation report, accrual and prepayment summary and etc.

Discussion with auditors about the audit queries raised on the accounting record.

Payroll services, such as record and calculate employees’ monthly salary and CPF contributions, submission of monthly CPF e-filing and derive a monthly and yearly payroll summary.

As an accounting service provider, we make sure our well-trained and experienced accounting team is ready to help on a monthly or yearly accounting record based on your requirement and preference. We ensure the accounting records complies with accounting standard and it will lead to a more informative and reliable financial report.

Our professional tax experts will provide valuable tax advice on the accounting record for tax strategy planning and business operation if tax consultancy service is engaged.

Just hand us the necessary documents and information and leave the rest to us.