Company Incorporation

Does Singapore Really Need Company Incorporation Services?

Many of us must be already aware of the fact that Singapore is the leading financial hub of the world and in fact, the country has been awarded as the best country for its excellent business over the years. What makes it so conducive for business is the fact that it has a great political stability with a brilliant city environment and obviously, setting up a company in Singapore is a dream of many from all over the world.

Is Setting up A Company in Singapore Really That Difficult?

If you wish to have a very smooth running business, you had better go right with the basics and a business registration is something that you can’t afford to go wrong with which is why we must hand it over only to the experts. We have the most comprehensive Company incorporation in Singapore package to establish your business in Singapore in the quickest time.

The Various Structures of Company Incorporation in Singapore:

1. Private Limited Company (Pte. Ltd.)

In a Private Limited Company, every shareholder actually has limited liability in the company affairs and the business is completely operated by the director(s). It is compulsory to have a minimum of 1 shareholder and 1 director to start a Private Limited Company.

It usually has a higher operating cost since it is quite mandatory to appoint a corporate secretary and audit the accounts of the business annually.

2. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

In this type of business, the amount of liability shared by the partners is limited. It is actually a combination of Private Limited Company and conventional partnership.  It requires no less than 2 partners to start the company.

The operating cost is low in this case as it is not mandatory to appoint a corporate secretary. Also, the company doesn’t need to get its accounts audited unless the partners request for it.

3. Sole proprietorship

In this form of business, it is run by a single person or what is popularly known as a sole proprietor with unlimited liability for the company affairs and most importantly, one can’t transfer one’s business to the other in this form of business. Also, the income generated from this business is treated as the part of the owner’s personal income and would be taxed at personal tax rate.

However, the operating cost is pretty low in such a business since there is no need of appointing a corporate secretary and also, there’s no need for the accounts to be audited annually.

Once you hire us, we ensure that we get you to register a business in Singapore in the most appropriate way as it should be by fulfilling every single legal formality and on top of that, you will always find us by your side 24X7 for any sort of business assistance even after your company registration is completed.

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